Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love smells. "Science of Love" in Lulu words.

So, today's buzz so far is about the Science of love. It was on "Good Morning America" this morning, it was on the radio as I drove to work today. So, I thought I'd take a stab at it. I have been shaking my head all morning, tongue clicking and throwing my hands into the air ( even in the car) while saying: "hello? of course!"

Remember, I know nothing in the huge general, academia-scheme of things, but I do, however, understand the tricks and physical manifestation of love-lust with great specificity. I do not have any major accredited degree in the arena of science or clinical testing, but if the following qualify me at all, then listen up: Falling in love, love at first site, love-making, throwing my soul like a sticky centipede onto a man, sucking love from a man like a vortex,tripping into love with unsuspecting men of power, crossing the suggested-sexual innuendo line, staying in lust, losing lust, and other general love-making monkey business.

Okay, disclaimers and self-berating complete. "They say" the following four things heavily, and scientifically factor into how we perceive possible mating partners:

1.) Facial and Hip Symmetry- This is obvious. People like to look at things that are symmetrical, even eyes, lower in the face ,small nose, small lips, nice even body ratio.It makes sense. Look at any beautiful model/actor(s), Heidi Klum doesn't have any strange over-sized features. This is why cosmetic surgery is surging. (sigh)Same with men, however I am shocked at how many good looking men have small hands. ( I AM TERRIFIED, PHOBIC really, of small handed men...sorry)

Tip: You cant do anything about it, so if you have a low-hanging ear or have been referred to as "Captain forehead" , start working on your bright personality. Ultimately, people stick it out with people that make them laugh, and feel appreciated. Looks just get you to the door. There are other entries, this is just the easiest. I think people who find alternate routes are WAY more interesting. I always fell for the funny semi-ugly dudes. (almost always)

2. Ovulation baby! Now, I am confessing another secret, but I have always used my cycles to my advantage. Modeling shoots on days I ovulate, planning trips, etc. It is a remarkable explosion of sexuality when the two O's decide to pop an egg down the shoot. 99% of the time I didn't want to utilize my body's intention for its baby-making signals, but the by-products are sure handy! My skin is tighter, my weight drops by 4 to 5 lbs and I notice everything sexual...the arse on the man walking in front of me to the train, the sway in my hips...I will stop there.

Tip: Just like women are aware of their "off" week. Be just as aware of you "ON" week!You might find you are way more open to perceiving men as intriguing and positively sack-able. Better yet, your confidence is sky high so your chances of being noticed, and allowing for a conversation with Mr. Right, or right now. Run with it. Use protection though!

3.) Smell sells - OKAY. I have said this for years. I am turned on, I confess, by the slight smell of a man's armpit (if he hasn't eaten anything onion or garlicky). Clinical studies found that women given shirts worn by different men, overwhelmingly found the more "symmetrical" men to smell better. I don't know what the heck that means, but I think women enjoy smelling men that had similar genetic scents. (huh?) Yeah, apparently there is some science in the evolution of things, maybe it was to prevent baboons from walking up to an ant-eater and pole dancing to Barry White. It also helped first-cousins be less attracted to each other to avoid not-so-optimal genetic matches. ( Kentucky and West Virgina did NOT get that memo) (awe...that was mean)

3a.)Pheromones: So sexual intentions and feelings can actually travel through air and other particles (According to LiveSource). That said, I guess it flies a little low on the radar, like 10 inches off the ground from our bodies, so unless we are army-crawling through our daily tasks, its not so easy to pick up on.

Tip: Next time you find yourself strangely inhaling your dates whiff as he passes by, see it as a "green light" to proceed. Something in your body is saying you fit. I, personally, think the smell is best identified the morning after, when there is no cologne and perfume left to mask things, but then, there in lies the conundrum. Shirts or Skins? Maybe just first base reconnaissance.

4.) Visual cues: I almost didn't even write this one down because its so obvious. But apply it to yourself. All things being equal, if two people were standing across from you and one had his/her arms crossed and was scouring, and the other was laughing, smiling and standing confidently, who would you want to look at? I'm not saying you have to run around looking cool, and happy, I'm just saying it helps.

Tip: Smile more. Dress in a way that makes YOU feel confident, cool or not, how you feel will come through in how you behave, and look, so feel good!

There you are ladies and go smell some armpits!

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