Monday, January 21, 2008

Love Stickits: Simple benefits to Positive Words:

I had this silly idea one cold, rainy, fall day. A friend of mine and I were IMing at work, and bouncing around ideas for starting "managable businesses".Mine, was to create pre-printed post-it notes that said happy, positive things. I thought of every over-the-top peppy positive thing I could. Here is a small sample of what came out...

"Kindness is underated. Overate it."
"Love today, it is contagious"
" You add such value to this world"
" Man you look thin today!"
" He loved you, you love you more, so who cares."
“Behold what you can do when you do it with love.”
“Today isnt yesterday, start fresh, use powder.”
“Count three things that make you fantastic”
Every time you kiss your children, they warm with your love.”
“Mistakes made me better. Hope kept me sane.”
“No negative thinking today. I FEEL GOOD.”
“He missed out, he knows it. I know it. Lets eat.”
“Nothing tastes as good as being kind to yourself feels.”
“ Be grateful. Be loved. Be fair.”
“Be gentle with yourself.”
“why NOT smile?!!!!”
“ I can find my way out of this. I always do.”
“Fall in love with yourself today. Why not?”
“Breakups mean the beginning of getting somewhere better.”
“Raise your head and raise your children with pride.”
“Guilt Schmilt! I deserve to be happy.”
“Okay, its not easy, but I am shocking myself with this strength!”
“ How can I make today better….right now?”
“Choose to find peace.”
“Give no one the power to change a good fresh morning mood.”
“Feel the heat? Yeah, that’s you sexy.”
“ I believe in you above all else. I believe in you.”
“ Only what you think can change they way you see it.”

Yeah? Whatever...I never said I was cool. You smiled. So it worked. Go Stickit and be happy.

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