Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Phucket List: January 2008

In lieu of the widely romanticised movie-plug idea of a bucket list, I have pondered the contrary. Letting go of things that just, frankly....will or will not be. My apathy today is peaking.

1. I WILL gain and lose 5 to 10 lbs every winter to spring.

2. I am NOT going to be a great acoustic guitar player. My guitar is officially being abandoned in the corner of the living room. But! It sure looks good in that cool professional guitar holder contraption stand. (Sorry Ani, I really did try. A little)

3.I am getting older, and so is my pulse on the hipster cool stream of youth.

4. I wont go on a long road trip for fun. Not at least, until my child(ren) are done with college, and by then....who will be driving? Its over. I retire the idea of drinking in hole-in-the wall pubs, random bar karaoke, corn field hide-n-seek, and Californian drives along the ocean.

5. I don't and wont ever look like Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie no matter what I do. I have nothing to do with either of them. I look like a brown fraggle from fraggle rock. s'ok.

6. No matter how much I think I'm edgy. I really am mainstream and cookie cutter. House, SUV, kid, wardrobe...

7. I have said it before, and I am saying it again: In general, people are aggressively mediocre. Sometimes, no matter how much I deny it, I fall into that category.

8. I can't stand Gloria Estefan, in fact. I kinda didn't care when she broke her back. She got on my nerves. Yeah....what?

9. On the subject of secrets...When I was five, I made a little boy poo in the sand and cover it up. He did, and I think karma came back to bite me hard...wham! There it is. I said it.

10. Like Popeye says: "I am what I am." The good, the bad, and the emotional pendulum...

Try it. Phucket.

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