Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Weepies and a slow dance with myself

I love finding a good sip-your-warm-tea-with-light-falling-snow winter album. Here it is:

I am newly in love with The Weepies -Say I am you album and their...(wait for it)... duet-harmonized music. What is my deal with this sound? The song I slow-danced to was: "I gotta have you." The lyrics are silly and sincere. Listen, its almost impossible NOT to sway slowly to this dreamy cold-weather song. I threw self-cool-managment to the weird global-warming 50-degree wind, and danced alone.So?

"No amount of coffee/ no amount of crime/ No amount of whiskey/ no amount of, no, no, nothing else will do/ I gotta have you/ I gotta have you."

Other great songs:
World spins madly on
Nobody knows me at all
Not your year
Living in Twilight

Yeah, Old Navy used a song for a commercial...pretend you don't know that. Enjoy them anyway. I do.

"Kids and a wife/ its a beautiful life/ nobody knows me at all/I dont give a damn/Happy as a clam/Nobody knows me at all/ ah, what can you do?/ theres nobody like you."

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