Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sandi G spreads the love and wants no fee.

Promment (n.) : When I decide to randomly respond to a comment on my blog as a post. I will decide ( when posted) what that person looks like by searching their "name" on google. Its fun. why not?

Example: "Damn, I love lulu's blog so much, I am going to comment to get a promment!"

Today could have been chalked up to another uneventful ground hog's day. It started that way at least. I went about my routine, checked email, self-loathed a bit in the mirror, then off to my day job. That went as planned, or unplanned as every unscripted but perpetual march through the workplace can go. I actually think at some point I made a mental note to play more country music-not sure why, make sure I DVR the American Idol premiere tonight (silent double-fist pump), and start wearing more royal blue.

Then my handheld buzzed with excitement of a new email/comment/text. And there she was: "Sandi G". My typical prepare-for-the-worst mentality thought, great someone is complaining about Juno lines, or my liberal sexual references and how they effect the overall image on the welcoming board for mommies. But it wasn't. It was sweet and she used the word JOY. I love that word. Look at it. Its round, bubbly and generally satisfying. Go use it. I have to admit a few Grease songs came to mind as I ran through my long list of friends over the years, and none of them share her name.

Maybe she took my advice, sent a stranger some beaming brightness. Maybe she is curious what will happen? Maybe she is somehow making it clear she doesn't want to give me pennies for my thoughts. In any event. I love it. It changed my perspective today. It goes to show, none of us should underestimate that invaluable ripple effect our small and big actions can have.

If nothing else, that is something to smile about. I was starting to think I'd lost that blogging feeling, but its back. Thanks to Sandi. (or the loyal friend/reader who posed as her to watch me post this and laugh) (( cause I am a total sap)). (( and I trust noone)) ((how many parenthesis can I use in one post?)) (((what constitutes the multiple use of them? and when is it no longer funny?)))

That concludes my over-grateful post to a stranger's comment. Don't get any ideas people. I can't do this all the time. Stay tuned for the book. I can hand write you letters from my PR office. Ha. No.

Okay. Thanks.

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