Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What happens now?

I was thinking in a hazard, dooms-day nature that I generally conduct my internal conversations with, and I was wondering: What happens now that we are all saying whatever the flip it is we are saying and it can be universally searched?

In the past, I suspect one could seem quite witty and pretty and nice just by spitting some balderdash and poppycock out at a party. Some political statement, a few dark jokes, and pizam! They were clever.

Now, the stakes are WORLDWIDE pride, the bar is way high and anyone can read it and think: "Eh. I heard that last year." Now, I am way too wordy and petulant to stop now. I am merely throwing the question out there. Will all of it mount up into a huge word pile of jokes, and lists and funny spun lovely words that crash down atomic bomb-ish style into the earths core? Will there soon be some kind of ranking system that decides what caliber of shite you are throwing into free space? "Ltb" -Liscence to blog? Will there be some type of regulating committee and who runs that, the pioneer bloggers?

In any event. I suppose it cant be catastrophic. It might be a bit embarrassing when these pages of mine are cached and ten years from now I will cringe at my top 3 bed em if you can get em list. I have always had a sense that regret is senseless, so I can only imagine that pre-regret fear of regret may prove to be even more silly than anything I could write. ( maybe?)

So. Here's to the fellow bloggers. Judge not what you are saying. Don't obsess about your level of humor, or humanness, or lack of quirky thoughtful suggestions, or obscurity in niche writing. Just be. Be whatever it is that comes to you today, tomorrow, and next time. Life is hard enough, we are hard on ourselves, and most of the time we are busy guessing how bad we will rate. So let go of expectations, you might find some people don't, but most will too.

I don't know about you, but I love a little claptrap,piffle and hooey. I've said it before:


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