Friday, January 4, 2008

Wine Stain be gone.

Magic wine removal on carpet....found.

I was drinking a lovely Italian Merlot last night, when by some indescribable pillow-transferring disaster, I spilt an entire glass of RED on my light, tight-woven wool blend carpet. This is one of those moments that if caught on camera,would have looked hilarious in one of those night-vision videos.

Whilst trying to move an oversized pillow from my right side, to my left without moving my stretched legs (crossed at the ankles), I tossed it into the air. You see, I overestimated my trajectory throw-to-minimal movement ratio, and well, the pillow hit my head.

I shrugged, then did a strange panic-jerk cheer leading arm thrust. The wine glass flew up, did a double-pike swim dive, and then came back down. Not without spilling all over my head, clothes, the couch and the floor. All within less than 15 seconds. (sigh).

I scrambled to find carpet cleaner. The stain reshaped and rebuked it's attempts. I think I heard it laugh at me. So, I grab my trustee computer and on the net I find THIS:

Recipe for wine removal:
Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish washing soap
Pour onto the stains, let soak
Pour water and blot with paper towels

It worked fantastically.

Lesson of the day:
1.) Never underestimate the mess your laziness can lead to.
2.) Never overestimate your powers to do simple tasks after drinking.
3.) How to remove a terrible wine stain with household products

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Marcus said...

"That's $25000 Alpaca, you BLOT that sh*t! You don't rub that sh*t! Put the club soda on there!"