Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jaded, shaded kitty sun hog.

A woman who believes the man of her dreams will be her husband is idealistic and cute.( At first.) A woman who believes her husband IS the man of her dreams is deluded. The institution is set up such that it is almost impossible to stay mysteriously aloof and challenging but also intimate and comfortable.

I have no problem with the latter, I just call it what it is. You are either chasing a big fuzzy yarn ball with your de-clawed mitts or you have found out that the fun stringy-things can only wrap so many ways around itself until it is eventually unraveled. One is neither better nor happier than the other. The realities are the same, it is merely the perspective that changes. It goes both ways. God knows I am not exactly what my "single" self presented.

In this feline analogy, I am the overfed, over-nurtured cat looking for the sunshine to beam into the window. I stretch and arch my body with the light, stay with it as long as I can, then stand up, stretch my legs and go enjoy my demystified yarn ball. I swing at it for kicks, with apathetic vigor. Sometimes I randomly throw myself at it to appear in the spirit. As I should.

Any good kitty would.

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