Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol (girly) boys. Season 7: Top 12

Can someone please tell me where all the men in America have gone?! Not that I should ever expect they would be on a show like AI, but not even a fair sampling? Every male contestant from last night either had frosted hair, whitened teeth and more concealer than I wear in a year. Is this what it has come down to? really?

Look, I get the gay men. That is fine. They are more clear with who they are....they can look pretty. What I am not as comfortable with is the "on the fencers".

Garrett Haley.....scares the bejesus out of me. Is his hair permmed, can we get him an IV?

Luke Menard was feeble. I don't know if he was emasculated for me when his wife picked him up in the audition film, or because he whisper-sang the whole song.

Colton Berry IS Ellen. He is on her show today(big surprise). Should be funny.

My vote (I dont vote, but you know what I mean) for voices and man-ness category:

Michael Johns- he actually has a sack and can sing. Really sing.

Robbie Carrico- A little man-mix of JT and Kid rock....only "x" against him was his mention of Britney Spears...yikes. Not a name to drop. That's like saying, "I went to cooking school with Jeffry Dahmer."

David Archulete- Good, Granny and tween-panty vote.

I am getting old. These are truly boys....I shall sit with my self-loathing for loving this show.

Does anyone know what Simon said to Paula at the cut-away when Michael Johns said "Thank you" to them? I think he said: "Aaaaaa Buuu" (simpon reference?) No.

In other (way more consequential news): OBAMA wins 10 in a row! His speech was amazing and substantial and quite frankly made me fear for his life. He is capable of changing the way people think of, view and engage in politics.

Obama and AI? Deplorable.

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