Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idol losers, Democratic debate, and aliens attacking Boston!

Big night on TV. 4 idols got dumped: Garrett Haley, Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella, and Colton Berry. In other news, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a good debate at UT. Obama (according to the CNN pundits) is favored and seemed more "presidential".

I have to pull from a Once song written by Glen Hansard in reference to the media's choice for the democratic race: "When your minds made up..." Scary. I love Obama, but big media does drive, or at least, steer the masses.

So....I am truly concerned and fascinated by this next little image. While eating popcorn and peanut m&m's on the couch and watching Anderson Pooper last night we noticed this, and we were concerned. Tonight, has appeared. DAHHHHHHHH DAH DAHHHHHHHHH

What in Sheba's name is attacking David Gergen?

A mushroom topped blue-eyed squid!

Look again....closer:

A Rastafarian, acid-tripping elephant! (seriously, look at the feet)

I think I saw that very monster in 1995 from my apartment at the Harbor Towers....he's watching you. God Speed Bean town.

Love and Light, hold the muffin-top in tight. No more wine for me at night.

I will get serious tommorrow. Really.

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