Monday, February 25, 2008

It's that time...Updated Top 3 (get 'em, bed 'em)

1. Ryan Reynolds. For the love of abs....why does this guy make me want to throw a trapper-keeper down, pull off my panties and chase him down a long hallway? His looks are ridiculous, and his personality takes me back to high school. Maybe I am ovulating soon or something, but I want to lick his belly button. Scarlett may have real boobs, but it wont last. This guy was engaged to Alanis....he LOVES crazy, unstable, complicated, dark funny girls. I AM IN.

John Stewart:
This needs no explanation. He is salt n pepper, he is funny, he has hairy hands...( that aren't small). It works. His smile is infectious, so is his girly giggle. Do you remember him in Playing by Heart? Now that is totally shagable. Plus, the guy doesn't get does he keep so cool? I need stability...I will stabilize on his lap. (woa...I must be dropping eggs)

Jake Ryan: Maybe its the beautiful, grey mist of depressing cloud cover and cold, but I am reminiscing on the high-school years. The stomach-drops and long conversations on phones with actual chords. I miss hanging out in front of school building waiting for a crush to walk out, and then looking up shyly only to notice he didn't notice me. I miss that kind of pure longing and sweet redemption when the stars align with hormones and coolness, and you momentarily get the one you wanted. Awe.

For those who have forgotten. My husband and I have a deal....a running joke really, but it's fun. If you, by some miracle can "Get" an a-lister, you can "BED" them with no reprecussions. Hell, I would high-five him if he could bed Angelina Jolie...What? It's a decent proposal. It changes all the time. Bill Murray was my only shot so far...I think.

He has Scarlett, hm...maybe we stage a coup de coeur! Deux d'un!

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