Monday, February 25, 2008

Definitely, Maybe - Absolutely, Hell Yeah.

Let's face it. There have not been many good funny, PLAUSIBLE romantic comedies. I am a hard sell on love and relationships and making it funny. I still believe very few deliver. The eighties and early nineties did much better than most this decade. (4 weddings and a funeral, When Harry met Sally...etc)

I have to say ( and boo as you will) I loved Definitely, Maybe. I did. It was fresh, and well written by Adam Brooks. Ryan Reynolds plays an advertising executive about to finalize a divorce to the mother of his 10-yr old daughter. It then takes a trip down his past relationships. The trailers don't do it justice. It really is about falling in love, poor judgement, and bad timing.

Isla Fisher is particularly great in this movie. She is jaded, and vulnerable and spits retorts, witty takes on marriage, and dry statments of obvious with color and perfect timing. Overall, the charcters don't feel far-fetched. Daddy issues abound, survivalist nature of love and careers, and Ryan Reynold's character even manages to go through a stint of depression and says: "You need some life-rehab or something, I don't even know if they have it..." to Isla's character in a clear moment of psychological projection.

The lines are wry and funny, and so well delivered by Ryan Reynolds. Every woman will find one of the three ladies in question to identify with, if not all of them. I laughed out loud, I smiled inside at some of the more honest moments of awkward timing, and lust being contained. I cried, truly. Yep, I cried ( boo again, feck off). I am the same chick that went to see 300 by herself. You don't even know...

Judge away. I don't care, I will see it again, solely to remember how beautiful and tragic love and being lost can be. I will see it again to bring YOU better quotes that will convince you to see it.

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