Thursday, March 27, 2008

More quotes from the movie: Definitely, Maybe!!!

All you had to do is ask! Another movie by myself, another list of great quotes just for you!!! I still liked it the second time around. Maybe I'm just a girl that loves the 90's, and snarky fast-talking wit. Every daddy issue was covered in this one...well played. Yet, I laughed and cried. Like Joni Mitchell says: "It's the same release." When it's snowing 4 days before the month of April begins...that's just what I need. Enjoy. I took notes in the dark, so correct me if I am off on anything. I love Ryan Reynolds....

April: “I’m not apathetic. I just don’t think I have to have an opinion about everything.”
Will: “Fine, you are nothing.”

Will: “I shouldn't have read the diary. It’s like Pandora’s hot sexy box.”

April:(after mock proposal) “No, you are asking me to join a group institution that fails as often as it succeeds, for no other reason besides to fulfill some bourgeois notion to fulfill this society’s capitalistic agenda.”

Will: “I’m happy, I’m good.”
April: “Really? Why do I feel like I should hide the razors?
Will: "This song is an excellent cure for the will to live."

Summer: “You look so manly”
Will: “yep. That’s the aim.”

Will: “Whenever I figure out whatever it is I’m supposed to learn from all this, I will write you a letter.”

April: (on relationships) “Forget about the “real” deal. You don’t find it, it finds you…you know, when you are ready for marriage, a mortgage…(other examples)...the person that you are with THEN is the one.

Will: “So, it’s not WHO; it’s WHEN?”

Will: “Your shit is a mess. You’re a mess. You could do anything, anything, and you work in a bookstore. At least I tried; I went out there and tried. As a friend, maybe you should get some help, some life rehab."
April: "Life Rehab?"
Will: "I don’t even know if they do that, but if they do I think you could be a prime candidate.”

What a clever way to slip "hot sexy box" into the script. Love it.

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mekurukito said...

thanks for the quotes! if you have somemore that would be great hehe! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great page and quote sound like your finding the road to inner peace to me... :0)

Sara-Jo Arizona

Mihoriel said...

“No, you are asking me to give up my, my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as often it succeeds, and why should I marry you anyway
and why do you want to marry me? besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalistic agenda.”

It's the actual quote word for word from the movie. I liked the movie too ^_^.

Joel said...

Thanks for sharing the quote!

Btw, I have the full quote of my fav part of the show on my blog:

It comes with the vid clip as well!


Anonymous said...

hey, loved the film and loveed those quotes.

nishad said...

loved the movie too..

Jena Lung said...

I've been trying to find the words to the opening monologue from this movie, and I'm having the hardest time! any help?