Saturday, February 9, 2008

John Mayer as Borat (thong baby)

I Love the Huffington Post for putting this picture up. I know it is invasive, I know that there are such better uses of my time, my space in the WWW and I could even be compassionate. I actually saw this the day it came out on For some reason, I didn't post the picture in respect for his privacy. I worried maybe some PR rep would can my site, or I would contribute to his humiliation. Then I realized no one cares. The Huff did it... I feel no shame. Who doesn't want to see John Mayer in a gripping, neon v-thong?I really would have imagined him to be a groomer...oh well.

Oh the regret! Maybe his millions make it ok. Who knows? HIS body was a wonderland that day.

That's a niicccccccccccccccce.

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Ben Sin said...

hmmmm...i dont think i ever thought i would picture mr. mayer like that...yeahhh...thanks, haha

reminds me of this guy i saw on halloween in West hollywood who was wearing that outfit, haha...awesome