Monday, February 11, 2008

New York Magazine "writes" the rest of Grey's Anatomy.

I couldn't help myself from offering up this clever and silly article I found in New York Magainze. Not only is it hilarious with the obnoxious plot lines, it also has really funny songs as the episode titles.

Take a look.

How funny would it be if we all interrupted people while they were telling stories and gave them our perspective choice of how it might be funnier? Like those choose-your-ending books, but in real time, in your face. I'm sure it would be annoying on the receiving end, but hot damn that would be a creative alternative to this sitcom, TV, dry spell.

The only thing that could have made this article better, was if it referenced how many times they say the SAME exact sentence, but with different inflection, pace and tone. Maybe that writer should stay on strike.

Cristina: "Seriously? I am NOT going to let you get stuck in dark and twisty, angry-girl phase."Then, a nano second later:
Cristina: "Seriously...SERIOUSLY. I am not, (pause) going to letttttt (over annunciation) you get stuck in dark and twisty (weird hand motion) angry-girl phase. Ok?"
Both girls go back to pouting and deep breathing while staring out at the hospital floor.

Seriously. I do miss seeing Eric Dane. I DO MISS HIM.

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