Saturday, February 23, 2008

Number Magic.

There are people in life who have the gift of mathematical intelligence. I, sadly, am not one of them. I get stumped if you yell any numeral with any generic multiplication or addition sign. I actually freeze physically if you mention division.

I am not sexist, but I have noticed that men have a way of using this simple attribute at their collective convenience. Most times it is not debatable. Numbers based on facts, spun or twisted from a different perceptive is similar to me restating a truth with word magic.

To minimize something:
Me: "Wow, can you believe we have dated for 3 months? Pretty substantial."
Him: "Lulu, It's been 90 days. Not even a billing cycle."

To drive home a point:
Me: "He wasn't that old. He was only 36"
Him: " You were 5 years out of high school then. That makes him 70% older."

To overstate:
Me: "I gained some weight when I got"
Him: "You added 1/2 of your body onto your self, and only birthed 1/10th."

You + me - your number magic / my word magic = 100% < arguments

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