Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ommmmmmmmm. Shanti Nanti.

There is something about doing yoga on the beach at sunrise in Maui. The way the winds blows from two different directions to hold me as stable as possible in tree pose. My feet feel grounded into the sand as if magical ties have looped around them to hold me sturdy, still. I have to find it somewhat interesting to process the things that popped into my mind in the most (supposed) calming places, in the most peaceful of practices....

1. What SHOULD you do with a sex offender who wins $10M in the lottery?
2. Am I going to have to blow dry my hair.
3. Did that scary fat man just walk by and stop to look at me?
4 That’s mean, if he were a hot, tan, salt n pepper haired surfer, Id welcome it. (Bad)
5. Wonder how my mother is doing?
6. I need to buy wool socks when I get home.
7. I can’t believe hundreds of years ago people stood here, fishing, hunting. We eat strawberry poppy seed salads and hand our children snacks full of hydrogenated oils.
8. If I have faith in which I become I can be anything....by becoming who I have faith in. (good one)
9. Where did this fat belt on my stomach come from?

The mind is a mystery. Even tranquility can't be forced. Namasta.

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