Thursday, February 28, 2008

Re-stacked at the office

Today is the day that our fateful seats have been given to those keeping a position here. It is funny, and fun. None of us care about anything. There are actually people playing "Guitar hero" in the cafeteria. Everyone is packing, and going to long "good bye" lunches.

Others, are playing mock-basketball with 5 year old folders, and apathetically saying things like: "not working never felt so bad". Some people started throwing an orange ball around. A co-worker said: "laughy-time is over." and I said: "Wait? Let's play dodge ball!" and then it began:

- "Let's play laser-tag except with glue-guns, or staple guns!"

- "Let's play chicken!"

- "Let's play Hide-the-something!"

- "Let's chase down the guy with a long pony-tail and receding hairline who wears a size "S" black leather coat. I want to see him run."

-"Let's tell people what we really think of them, out loud."

- "Let's dress up in ONLY company shirts left in the storage closets."

- "Let's start crying and hugging people we never knew."

-" Let's play freeze-tag"-

-"Let's play red-rover and body check people when they half-arse jog towards us."

-"Quick! Let's see how many people fit into the lactation room!"

Not many people can get laid off and laugh the way I can. Everything has humor. Just wait...shite happens, and if you can't stop it; make it fun. Except if its diarrhea, or getting beaten, or sitting on Dirty uncle Sanchez's lap.

Carry on. As you were. We are not where we were....oh, but we will be. I think.

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