Saturday, February 2, 2008

Top 3 Update for February.(Get'm Bed'm)

Now that I am feeling like myself again....I can think about men. So...
1.) Tom Brady - He will win the big game and make American History. I don't want to hear him speak or watch him be disgruntled about the praise he is getting. I just like to look at him, a physcial specimen handling all kinds of pressure and orchastrating 11 men whilst millions watch. That's sexy.

2.) Christian Bale: This man can ACT! I loved him in American Psycho, he was incredibly heroic in Rescue Dawn, and everything in between, including Batman. He just looks good. I think he smells good too. Like man-room, clean soap and leather. Sibi is a lucky little lady.

3.) Eric Dane: I miss Grey's Anatomy. Not because I love the way they repeat every word for emphasis, Not becuase I can't get enough of Dr. Gray and McDreamy having emo-power plays....Mostly because I miss looking at Eric Dane and his sweet steal eyes and pursed pink lips. This man is chemically imbalanced with testerone overload. Everything he does exudes sex.He could throw like a girl, trip over a rug corner, fall on his face and then mis use a cliche catch phrase all in the same minute, and still look sexy to me. His is probably the ONLY beard that I want to tickle me in oppurtunistic places. Hm....

In high school we named boys that we had crushes on in ranking order of possibility. "No arms" was someone you could never, under any circumstance, date. If the guy you really like was "out of arm's reach" this guy was ungettable. Hence, the term "No arms". Mine, in high school was a man named: Brad Norton. The misfortune and irony of how that played out is novel worthy. A sink. A senior. A loss for me. Then single, A bar in Boston on Boylston -no dice, then, a hardware store in Chicago, no dice. What are the odds that a crush reappears randomly in your life over 10 years only to show you life plays good jokes? I think he is married to a playboy sex-talk it goes.

I should adjust my list....these are all "No arms", actually if the phrase had to be updated for these would be "No appendage". Yet...I think hard on it anyway. Yum Yum Yum.

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