Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why? It's not fair.

1. Why are all pig-cartoons pant-less? Pork Chops, piglets...literally. It doesn’t seem fair.

2. Why do people think a movie is good just because it broaches death and forgiving? It doesn’t seem fair. What if a movie is about living and grudges...that can be poignant.

3. Why are all the "volunteers" at the voter’s station over 75, and unable to see the names on the tear pads, let alone thumb through them? It’s not fair to them, or me.

4. Why does the guy who has 21 items get to go in the "15 items or less" checkout at the grocery store and shrug it off as close. I have 5 items. He cheated. I don’t get to throw a $20.00 at the woman behind the register for a 28.00 bill because it’s "close". It’s not fair.

5. Why are Filipino girls being advertised on my website? Is that for trade? Is my ignorance, liberal use of sexy topics and need for advertisers some how playing me as a pawn in the human traffic war. If so...that’s really flippin unfair.

6. Why are half the people I know if NYC unemployed and seemingly happy. Is it a guise, is there some secret pact half the New Yorkers make to just be rich and successful and happy without working? It’s not fair...I'm on to you.

7. Why does it take 20 odd therapy sessions of small talk with intermitnant list-like rants to get anywhere, if we are anywhere. Are we anywhere? That’s expensive and unfair. I want to be perfectly stable, balanced and well RIGHT NOW.

8. Why does a man get the SAME virus or cold I get, and it only last 2 days for him, but I sneeze and fever my way through two weeks? Is that a chromosome thing? It just doesn’t seem fair.

9. Why does it feel like I am complaining so much, when I actually am just trying to be funny? There is a threshold somewhere here, I missed the turn. damnit.

10. Why does it seem that every time I decide to sit down and watch some episode of some show I have been meaning to get into, It always ALWAYS seems to be the ONLY one I’ve already seen?

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