Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BubbleYum! Anderson and Erica flirting on.

Per usual, my tired eyes stay open to watch Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper flirt. It is CNN genius. I really do listen to all sorts of newsworthy information solely as something that must "get done" to bring me back to the two of them. ( Not really, but sort of). I might even be living out some vicarious love affair just to keep my boring, hum-drum, lack-of-bubble-yum life exciting.

During a clip where they were talking about a high school student getting suspended for buying skittles candy from another student. That school had a "zero-tolerance" candy rule. Seriously? Oh the priorities. I think obesity is an issue, but suspended. Really? Anderson moved on, and talked about how he loved Bubble yum. The two of them went back and forth with energy-punched eyes, and cut to commercial. He didn't mention it after the break. Bummer.

Naysayers will claim I'm way off base. That is fine. Nay all you want. You watch, you decide. Let's get that therapist from the Today show back over here to talk about THEIR facial features and gestures. I volunteer to moderate...naked.

They might have been mild tonight, but the monkey business is hanging around a TV corner somewhere near you. Even if it is only in my mind. It's in yours too...because here are a few of your searches that got YOU here. (Great minds suspect alike):

"Anderson Cooper+Erica Hill nasty affair"

"Erica and Anderson having sex."

"Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill flirt"

"Secret affair+Anderson+Erica"

"Anderson Boning Erica"

"Anderson's girlfriend Erica?"

"Is Anderson Cooper dating Erica Hill?"

"What is a prostitution ring?" ( oh wait?) agree, obviously. They are bubblelicously suspect.

( I will not say "bubble yum" or "bubbleiscious" again. It got away from me. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

----you are all so weird over there!!!!!!!! No man should have to stand on Worldwide TV and apologize for his dick getting the best of him! Why do you expect public officials to be saints? Oh, must be because the past have proven that most of them are!!!!!!!
Like Lulu says--GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

----above comment is meant for "Crusader of the Year"!