Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stephen Colbert interviews a Drug Lobbyist (Ethan Nadelmann)

I had to share this. Stay with it. It gets really good at about "1:30"

Enjoy. The best part is Nadelmann's responses:
"yea aah." ( with minimal mouth movement)
"Actually, maybe the Eskimos because they couldn't grown anything."

Only Stephen Colbert (and his incredible writers) can find a hilarious way to drop the term: "Medicinal whores" in a conversation with a Drug lobbyist.

Mr. Colbert just made it back into the TOP THREE....because he "could chip a tooth on that thing."

Disclaimer: Lulu does not advocate the use of drugs. She has not ever used drugs, and if she did, hypothetically, it would have been purely by accident or coercion or to seem cool just like the rest of the boarding school-blue blood posers.

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