Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Does St Patrick's day mean?

Do you really care? Fine. After a lengthy two-minute goggle search I came up with some answers from Wiki and the History Channel. I will paraphrase here. In the spirit of green beer, drunken stupors and general red-faced cheer, don't get too upset if I am not 100% accurate here.

St. Patrick is considered the patron saint of Ireland. He didn't banish all the snakes from the island, or introduce Christianity. He did get locked up and then break free and trek for ye 200 miles through sand and stone and coast, and heard voices from God telling him to convert the Irish to Christians. He did lots of religious training, got ordained and died on March 17th. Again, Im paraphrasing. Good enough? Cool, now we are enlightened. Go get drunk.

For those of you heading to River Shannon's, or Fado, or some other musky, Celtic trivia watering hole, you should know that the four leaves of a clover stand for "faith","love", "hope" and "luck". Sweet! You can win a string of green plastic beads!For some, the day means green beer specials and perky-tipsy girls. (Irish or not). Mostly the UN-irish because they are over-compensating for not being innately lucky and green by being drunk and easy.

In Chicago, it means a green river. People roll out of bed around 9:30 to begin their bar crawls. But most importantly, chicks get to go out in this winter weather, with their tight t-shirts and and shamrock press-on tattoos in all kinds of glory. A sample of the hotness that will be holding in some drunken boobies:

Classy. Nothin' like good, clean, gettin' lucky fun. Just like St. Valentines day, we take a patron Saints death day and commercialize into a reason to have sex or get drunk!

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