Friday, May 23, 2008

20 Things to be happy about today.

Yep. That's right. I am sending double the dipsy tipsy happy stuff out there today. For the love of french toast and first kisses, I send you on your way this Friday, if nothing else...a little more smiley from the inside. Take it, run with it, spread it out.

1. Pool passes
2. Salt water and chlorophyll in the air.
3. Waking up to the sunlight spilling in the window of your bedroom.
4. Surprising a friend you take for granted with a compliment.

5. The smell of freshly-laundered linen.

6. Having an extra day off to waste away relaxing in the impending summer vibe.

7. The sound of feet running on a wooden dock.....and the splash of bodies hitting water.

8. Finding old pictures while cleaning out a closet.

9. Seeing a familiar face at the end of day (dog, lover, friend...Anderson Cooper)

10. Finding your favorite pair of flip-flops that you thought you lost last summer.

11. Going to Rickys on 14th for no reason, and coming out with everything from your favorite candle to some commando stickies (say what? Ricky-sticky)

12. "Feist" at Rivinia

13. Street Festivals in Chicago and Cubs games.

14. Feeling flirty for no other reason than the warm breeze blew in your hair. Acting on it.

15. S'mores.

16. Bicycle rides and small ice-cream shacks

17. The buzz of your handheld when you are waiting for a call/email/text.

18. The smooshy, gooshy feeling of sand under your toes.

19. Letting go of the past, to move into the now.

20. Good lists that make you feel like summer is leaning in for a big long kiss.

Be grateful, be grand in your stretch for happy feelings today....fleeting or not, the best time is now, and now is full of possibilities.


Marcus said...

Dog lover friend?

Lulu said...

Sorry Marcus, didn't mean to exlude you(r) familiar faces at the end of the day: cat,stripper,plant?

Marcus said...

Insinuating assumptions.

Monkey/ drive-thru worker/ mail-order arrival.

dadshouse said...

Reading this post was like leaning in for a big kiss. Made me feel good. Have a great long weekend!

Chicagoland Nesting Network said...

Great things! Thanks for sharing them. Love Ravinia! CLNN