Friday, May 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance- LA. 5.22.08

Ahhh...The world felt right for about two hours last night. Just hearing the opening music; my body starts to jitter like ephedrine-infused coffee beans. A couple things I have to state:

I love Mia. She is so kind and benevolent, and funny at the same time. She actually tries NOT to exploit people, but she also can't help laughing either. Can I just say, I want to wear a black off-the-shoulder Flashdance mini dress with leg warmers over my heels! How can I rationalize pulling that off somewhere?

Sidenote 1: Can you picture Nigel dancing? Choreographing? I tried. I can't. And...I'm not attracted to him this season. Oh well. ( good thing I guess, that was a bit scary)

"Sex" came back with his mother. His pelvic thrusts literally dry up any estrogen flowing through my body. Watching him is unnatural for me. I feel my female organs cringe and gag. His words: "I have trained with many, many, many, many master-choreographers." -Right.

"Twitch" was amazing. I want to pinch his cheeks and call him George.

(side note 2: ) When I get uncomfortable with the awkward moments of the show, like when the 46-yr old -Russian divorcee was crawling on the stage and such, I make my hands into binoculars to shield my eyes a little. It's bizarre and involuntary.

'Philip Cheebeb" aka the guy who looks like a cartoon moving in a flip-book drawing. I don't think he has any bones. It is unreal. My question is: How do you discover that talent? Was he limboing and doing the lambada at the same time...interesting.

"Erica Gee" was so good. She moves like Allison, but has her own thing going. Smile-inducing and gazelle-like. Love her.

"Victor Kim" came on stage and I couldn't stop yelling "WHAT?" in my living room. Not joking. I was yelling. Call me uncouth or immature, but my brain had no words except: "WHAT?". Forearm jumps? Full body elbow-balance, Inverted lateral back bend hand-stand push up? WHAT!?

All I can say is my cheeks are still sore from smiling. creeping crush on Cat Deely is not going away. I want to sit on the stairs next to her and smell her hair. (tee-hee)

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