Saturday, May 17, 2008

4 days until "So you think you can dance"!!!

So,here we are. I could get really sad if I start thinking about tomorrow. It is the anniversary of my father's fatal heart-attack. Some years, its just a day, others it crushes me. For now, I will NOT focus on how my dad has never met my child,or the heart-wrenching death toll in China...Instead, I will focus on FOUR DAYS UNTIL "So you think you can dance". Pathetic? Maybe.

I am in love with three major things:
1. Cat Deely. Seriously. I want to make out with her (no joke, call me?) She has a child-like imperfect perfection of beauty about her. The squinty eye, and crooked smile... I think her and Niles have an unspoken sexual chemistry stranger than that of Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper. I get all shimmery thinking about it. Bring it.

2. The art of dance, and emotion through movement.

3. Mia Micheals. I cry at almost every single dance she choreographs. She feels on a different level of humanity and inspiration that most people, yet she finds a way to articulate it through movement to the masses. I love her.

So there you have it. I am a geek waiting for an over-commercialized show to move me. Worse things could be doing it, so I will take it. (jump to "1.41" to see the dance)

Yep. I am THAT girl, the one that grabs whomever is in my vicinity and tries to jump off a bench to envelope the poor bastard like those flying frogs. I don't even pretend to be cool.

My problem...I think I can dance.

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