Monday, May 26, 2008

"It looks like love" - Josh Rouse

So...I am frisky. My color today is bright orange with pockets of white-hot light blue flashing in and out of focus. (huh?) So, my theme song today is Josh Rouse's "It looks like love". It's a sweet little pull back from the Subtitulo album.

Why? You might ask is this my theme song...Well. He has a way of making naughty sound innocent and playful with tongue-clicking cheekiness. The repetitive guitar-smacking hook inspires a pelvic thrust not unlike those featured in the ending of "Little Miss Sunshine" and something in the the underlying tones smells like sweet sweaty sex.

"She doesn't wear a conscience/she doesn't play by rules/I'm flying at her like I've never played, like some clueless fool..."

"I've got some things to show her/I take her to my room/ She likes to eat that choc-o-late/ She likes to sit on me too."....Um...yeah.

So, in perfect duplicity of serious and strangely sexy I bid you a good Memorial day. Heat makes people behave badly, find a way to bounce to your own theme song ( or this one). Summer is here, love and lustful intentions are dancing through the wind and warm breezes...making even the best of the withdrawn and restrained; teases.

"There goes that melancholy feeln' again/It looks like love is gonna find a way/Hey, hey, hey/ When you start believn' in it/It looks like love is gonna show it's face....Hey, hey, hey, heyy..."

Ha cha cha.

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