Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good gifts go a long way: I want my Rani drink back!

I don't even pretend to be easy. (Not in any way). I don't take compliments well. I am the pickiest eater I know, next-only to my child. I am usually disappointed with most people, in most facets of this hairy scary life. (not shocked...or surprised, but disappointed.)

This weekend came in a fury, with it a last-minute "drop-by" from a dotted-line friend on her way home for a wedding. She lives in India now with her husband, but is from the Midwest. In passing, months ago, I had mentioned to her that I miss the incredibly unhealthy selection of soda drinks in third-world countries. ( I don't drink soda now, or coffee for that matter) I had loosely referenced a childhood drink called: "RANI" that I loved.

It is basically a mandarin flavored sugar water base with tons of real (or synthetically) sweetened pieces of pulp. It is the sweet nectar juice of a long time ago... YUMMY! Its THAT drink. The childhood thing that makes you shrill with excitement and triple-clap.

"J" showed up at our house, tired and reveling in the springtime freshness of the air, compared to the billowing smoke and soot of New Delhi,India. She brought a cotton pant-suit from the markets for my daughter, and then she handed me a plastic wrapped bag...I felt the sensation of pure glee and shocking gratefulness pulsate my spine. I knew what it was by the shape of the cans. The only thing that has changed is that the lids are actually metal, not the pin-push adhesive sticker types from the seventies.

We sat and chatted about life, and politics and laughed at bathrooms in third-world countries, women's lack of social adherence to potty-etiquette, the smells, the awkward comfort of having drivers, cleaners, forehead-wipers..you know..Its sad. It's disparity, but in that moment, it was funny.

So, in karmic beauty and happy returns, I send my Bollywood glee-dance out to all of you. For the hard day back at work, for the long weekend coming to a close, to the lonely and the sated, to the married and the sedated (what? Why do I always random-rhyme?!)

Let Rani be the pulpy reason you give thanks and send cosmic waves of little gifts to the people you like, or even merely remember. Thoughtfulness is a dying trait....J, I am so grateful, I cannot even open them. THANK YOU.

Keep it alive!!!

(cue the random, choreographed dancers in beautiful saris "changing light bulbs" and shoulder-shrugging to the BA-DONK-A-DINKY-DINKY-DONK- BA-DONK-A-DINKY-DINKY-DONK)

(fade away into a swaying, and BA-DONK-A DOINK sunset)


dadshouse said...

Happy and grateful is a good state, indeed.

Now if I could only cue some of that sari dancing music on my own...

Anonymous said...

Please open and enjoy! More will come...promise!