Sunday, May 18, 2008

"This ain't sex!" Usher and Steve Carell on SNL.

So, I did not watch SNL until today, but it delivered. The Season Final packed a double punch May 17th, with Steve Carell and Usher. Not only does Usher move like a mechanical Michael Jackson, but he can pull off white leather. Honestly, I was entertained, but once the bass started and the subtle moan from the jazzy electric guitar riff kicked in....I was turned on. Oh yes, it is that easy. That man can dance.

Steve Carell started out with the graduation ceremony for terrible named students. A few of my favorites:
"Rob Guzzina"
"Wilma Fingerdoo"
"Eaton Thomas Bush"
"Haywood Paul Jablowme"
"Uwana Nailher"
(the best was the same guy and girl receiving the diplomas, trying to seem grateful and surprised each time.)

Who ever thought up the split screen Obama/Clinton ad are hereby the most clever and satirical writers on earth, so far, that I have seen, today.

I also loved the "A-holes singing karaoke". Do people like that really exist? I don't believe it. I would probably crain-kick and chicken dance on actual humans that behave like that. I'm on watch now. Kristen Wigg rocks. Bring back the "one-upper".

John McCain also showed up for two skits. He addressed the audience and was also quite funny mocking his own age, gaydar and then on the NEWS panel said: "That's right, fight amongst yourselves."

Much needed giggles.

Stay funny SNL. See you next season, with love,

Lucy Bunghole, Pan T. Tsunami, and Bubba Lee Cooter.

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