Monday, May 19, 2008

Things we should re-engineer into reusable energy resources:

1. TMZ footage.

2. Corn dogs or SPAM

3. Celebutante panties

4. Crocs. ( Imagine my hands signing for "All-donnne")

5. Butt-beads. People don't really use them right? It's funny to say, but they don't have a utility. Who is going to complain or draft that petition? "Say no to earth, bring back butt-beads!"

6. Annoying phrases like: "If I were a betting man." or "Cool beans!" or "Not to be rude, but..." or "This isn't my nature, but"

7. Sucker sticks. ( I am not referring to my exe, I mean lollipops)

8. Lame Facebook applications

9. R. Kelly's legal filing papers for trial postponements (and paperclips)

10. Lindsey Lohan's emotional "bottom".

11. Scones (I never see anyone eat them. They weigh more than a toddler)

12. All money spent to create and produce: "Rock of Love" and "Flavor of Love"

Let's get creative people.There is still time...Happy Monday.


Marcus said...

You are good.

Perhaps you can help save our planet by recycling the plastic cups at LiLo's upcoming birthday party.

Such a freckled reputation she has; I'd hate to see her blamed for Global Warming, too.

dadshouse said...

I had to google "butt beads". Can I recycle the energy I put into that search?