Monday, May 19, 2008

5.19.08-ABC's DeAnna (The Bachelorette) gets Punk'D - What the....

Oooooooooo-kay. I need to preface this by saying that I apologize to all the men on the show, I am sure you are sweet, and articulate and smart, and giving and full of ...words words words.. but it must be said:

WHAT THE FECK was the casting manager smoking? If I were DeAnna, I would be livid. I am just curious about a few things:

1. Is this all just a matter of slim-pickings? Have men finally realized that it is NOT a "win" situation to leave work for 3 weeks, go on TV, be edited and scrutinized by the masses ( like me.)
2. Could we have a worse representation of Chicago? (no.)

3. Ashton Kutcher! Is he, or is he NOT going to fly down on a cable-chord to tell her that she is being punk'D?

The men either have offensive south-side accents, mullets, strange suits that Jesse bought at Spencers, a cartoon-jaw, awkward bum-out hugs, a relentless need to show their abs, cock-eyes, ill-fitted suits, or someone who says: "Greg will run through the fire....Greg will grab that rose" -in third less.

I am literally uncomfortable. Not because the men "aren't good enough" but because they are actually trying THIS HARD to be obnoxious, I feel the need, almost the obligation, to question the validity of it. See exhibit A below:

If this is an accurate depiction of what is out there, I have nothing but absolute respect, love and admiration for the single women of America. Keep on....truckin' on. I'm sorry?

Note 1: I will not be blogging about this show. Feel free to collectively sigh with relief. I cannot stomach it. I am no good at handling contrived moments in general, but what I am just plain incapable of doing; is rewarding this kind of show with viewership.


Note 2: I only watched because my sister called me in a fit of gasp-snorting-laughter and my interest was piqued.

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CML's Aunt said...

i think it is a crying shame that we can't get your commentary on this show. pure comedy!!