Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Moms talk about sex!!!

It is hump day.... A lovely one at that. Spring is vibrating through the ground, pushing up stamen and spreading seed. The air is full of love and new beginnings and bees fluttering around....It's hard not to get a little warmth and feel a little sexier...right or wrong? You decide.

I told you that my skin in buzzing just thinking about the Shape Magazine Premiere of "SEX AND the CITY" in NYC that I am going to on May 30th, but for today I will read about SEX AND PARENTHOOD.

It is Topic day on the mom-blogosphere that has been getting so much press lately. Women (and men) are "pulling the blindfold" off of sex and parenthood. Don't be quick to judge, these women are honest, powerful, funny and not-to-be-underestimated. I love them. They support me, laugh with me... sometimes call me "hateful", but it is incredible to have so many layers of womanhood, motherhood, fatherhood, and life spinning around, dealing with real life and evolving before our eyes.


Bloggers from Chicago Moms, NYC Moms , Silicon Valley Moms, DC Metro Moms, NJ Moms blog, 50-something moms and Deep South moms !

I blog about sex on a weekly basis. I will take the sexy hump day off. I will grab some KY, cellophane, green-pickle pear penis poppers, and a megaphone to cheer them on from the sidelines!

Hip Hip for horny (or not horny) moms/and dads talking about SEX!

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