Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cardboard Regatta and a geeeetar.

On a day like is good to be a suburbanite. "The Lake" a short 4-minute walk from home... Families came out on a crystal-blue-sky Saturday to watch 300 + hours of labor and paper marchie launch into our lake. Multi-family or local small businesses slave with cardboard, glue and paint to prepare for the Regatta.

The mini (an emotional apple from the mommy-tree) was worried and stressed about the future of these poor "boats". Upon arrival we watched and listened as the crowd made a unanimous "Ooooooooooooooooooo!" with perfectly timed inflection as a 20ft Troy-like trojan horse capsized.

No sooner than we negotiated NOT playing on the see-saw, and NOT getting in the sand box we saw it....The bright red guitar. I think my eyes twinkled as much as hers. The sheer size of it was impressive (tee-hee) but it was well-crafted and had a loud and rowdy bunch to boot.

We posed with the giant guitar neck and then watched them carry it in. Throngs of people crowded around to watch the high schoolers and middle-aged men struggle for balance, steering and paddling. They got stuck trying to make a left turn around a buoy, and tipped over leaving one youngster clinging to headstock, until he was pulled in by the rest of the floundering team.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwe poor geeeeee-tarrrrrr! It fell in the water! It can not play anymore! It cannot play guitar-hero anymore. It's wet." said the little brown munchkin atop her father's shoulders. Dare I cringe at the fact that "Guitar hero" made it into her assessment? No. Some other time I can berate myself for her pop-relevance exposure.

I did have a few ideas for our own entry one day...maybe a HUGE lotus flower, or an obscure 10 foot long hot dog bun with strategically folded deli-meat that bares a strange similarity to Bun for hot dogs. Maybe a gymnast on a beam upside down doing a spread-eagle handstand...that would be funny photo-ops while it sank..I'm nasty. Oh well...

Happy Saturday. I'm off to see Wanted. (shiver...Angelina.)

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Marcus said...

Folded like what? Folded like WHAT?!?

( I'll never know.)

Good post, Lulu. Wet headstocks are a delicately navigated subject matter.