Friday, June 27, 2008

Savasana of good hope and good things.

The world is in great need of a big, long, drawn-out SAVASANA. TheWiki definition is : "Savasana (Sanskrit: शवआसन, śavāsana, "Corpse Pose", alternately spelled Shavasana or Sarvasana, and also known as mrta-asana) is a yoga asana often used to begin and conclude a yoga session.

It is a relaxing posture intended to rejuvenate one's body, mind and spirit."

The Dow fell face first into a pile of oil speculation, inflation and financial institution grime, landing 358 points lower than its start. Fires at Big Sur.The Chicago Tribune building is FOR SALE!? Zimbabwea is a mess. Madonna is getting divorced but she can go "On and on and on..."

We all need to just take a minute, or ten, breathe slowly, let the mind go, and get in touch with the inner calm. Find peace in the process and not obsess about the outcome. Fear not the things we cannot change, but instead embrace who we are, and what we can do NOW. Taking each moment as a chance to breathe light and hope into the present situation.

With quiet calm, send some love and peaceful stillness into the great void of space between each other. Energy cuts air. Love brings love. Good intentions find good things.

....and breathe.

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dadshouse said...

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm - thanks! Perfect timing.