Monday, June 2, 2008

Marc-Andre Fleury is a hockey god!

Okay. I don't know what it is, but I scream like a drunk dutch viking when I watch Stanley Cup finals. You don't? I love the energy and speed of it. Watching men pound each other with one mission in sight makes me happy. The same kind of happy that makes me love movies like Gladiator and Braveheart. Tonight, I am screaming: "Ooooooooooooooo?!" and "What was THAAAAT?!" at the Pittsburgh - Detroit game 5.
(Image-Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Fleury is a hockey god. He threw his heart on the ice and kept pumping whatever he needed to to fend off the onslaught of offensive shots from the Red wings. Nay-Sayers are hushed tonight!

"Zata" aka Henrik Zetterberg gives me tingles. He is Swedish, warm-faced and has a hockey finesse that can make a girl shift in her seat. Technically, I'd rather watch the Penguins WIN the cup, but getting to watch Hank is a bonus. (yes, all those names are for the same man.) I don't mind watching Datsyuk fly past defense men either. Sykora said he would score, and like a good man does....he delivered!

Call me butch, strange, or ridiculous, but I LOVE this sport! In my personal history of puck-crushes, they are "normal" guys. I dated enough to know. Most of them, ironically have good hearts. Smelly hands, but brains too. I find myself all gushy inside with the duplicity of it.

My emotions get me though. In the first period the Penguins looked sloppy, dare I say nervous or tired, then Hossa scored. Minutes later, Kronwall (a RED WING) tried to protect the goal and the puck bounced off his stick, then off Hall's skate to score the second goal for the Penguins. I was pleased...go Penguins, but I want to hug Kronwall. That kind of fluke will haunt him. I am a girl, I don't like people's feelings hurting. I also don't have the stomach to watch head slams into the boards, or broken noses, but so it goes for tonight.

Is it weird that I get hot seeing a man skate backwards faster than most men can run? Is it bizarre that I love the sound of hockey stops and slicing ice? Is it terrible that I can not stand to watch football? (even though my husband played Div 1 college ball). Blame it on high school crushes, or Brad Norton. I don't know. It's a weakness I have. Brut force hands being gentle...oyvey.

Triple overtime..50 odd shots blocked..young legs....and my boys from the hilly Pitt-town stay to fight another day. Maybe one day I can have a son, take him and his stinky bag to the rink day in and day out and watch him play out the dichotomy I love with pride....No tellin'.

Stranger things have just have to believe...I did!!!


dadshouse said...

Watching hockey in person is the best!. On TV? Not so much. (Though I happen to know one of the guys who invented that glowing blue pic effect for Fox hockey broadcasts. I used to work with him and our daughters go to school together. Check that into the boards!)

Marcus said...

Brut stinks.