Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Monday Good Things. Good Things.

It is a beautiful day here in Chicago. Blue skies, cool breeze. Surprisingly, I am a little excited that the weekend is over. I am convinced it was not only inserted with the longest (slowest moving) day of the year, but those damn MIT students were dumping entire hours into it. I swear, I will wrangle some proof of it soon.

George Carlin is dead at 71. Oil prices are still rising despite the SA vow to produce more. Corn is going to make a run today. Amy Winehouse has now replaced Britney Spears in the "big-hot-self-destructive-mess" business and allegedly has Emphysema? Teen pregnancy is the new cult of irrationality! WTF.

With the ironic momentum of the weekend being over and my self-sourced skin-buzzing energy, I am starting a "grateful roll"of good things to quietly nod in appreciation for. Try it. Make your own. Even if only three things show up on your list....Every time you savor a nugget of happiness, you beget happiness.

Good Things:
1. Laugh lines. It shows the world you have laughed. Let the "parenthesis" punctuate your smile!

2. Realizing that Gisele Bundchen is a specimen, NOT the expectation. (ha!)

3. That chest-opening, heart flutter lift that permeates love and anticipation from possible new beginnings of all kinds.

4. SUMMER IS HERE! Don't look down. Don't speed through. Slow. Take notice. and Embrace it.

5. The grainy crunch of real sugar in the sip of fresh homemade Lemonade.

6. Letting go of ANYTHING that doesn't serve your inner purpose and intent!

7. The smell of honeysuckle buds riding a breeze to your nose.

BONUS! (3 things to do to make other people smile or laugh)

8. Pick someone to say these words to ALL DAY... No matter what. "It's not your fault. You are incredible." NO matter what they say. Keep a straight face. Don't laugh, under any circumstance. Hold their gaze. Try it. I did. (ie. a friend: "Lulu, I love your hair, did you do something different?" My response: "Its not your fault...You are incredible.")

9. At the gym, or the park or anywhere you see someone working out (running, doing tai-chi alone by a tree) GO CHEER THEM ON like a 1980's Texan cheerleader! Get crazy, get creative... say whatever you want. "T-A-I! Tai-Chi! Go you! Go Me!" Cup your hands for optimal clapping sounds. Then throw a closed fist to one hip and a fist pump to the air. Walk away swiftly after completion. It would be doubly funny to throw #7 in after the cheer depending on how they react.

10. Kiss a friend on the cheek or forehead today. Do it at the most unsuspecting time. If questioned just say: "You asked for it...remember?"

Be infectiously full of good things today. Be bold in your gifts of love and light moods. Just like a projected bad mood can soak into your skin, the brightness of positivity pushed out to everyone around you will serve as a reflective mirror of smiles. A silly genius woman once said: "The world owes us nothing..we owe each other the world."


Catch it.

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