Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prank me Charlie Todd, and other random Thursday tidbits.

So, Here we are. One day away from Friday, 8 days away from July 4th weekend. Does that feel insane? Life moves too fast. I cannot wait to see Wanted with my she-lover Angelina Jolie coming out tomorrow. Illinois is jumping in on the Countrywide lawsuit. Anne Hathaway learned that the Devil wears "Fleece". N.Korea is claiming they DO have nuclear weaponry.Heather Locklear is in a mental hospital. (Did I just put those two together? Wow. I have stooped to the "ticker" on CNN low.)

photo credit: Chad Nicholson
..and I have a mini-crush on Charlie Todd, creator of Improve Everywhere, who was written up in this weeks NEW YORK Magzine feature: "Prank You Kindly". Read it. He has coordinated everything from light shows on the Manhattan Bridge to random choreographed jumping jacks at Union Square's DSW building, to pant-less subway rides and bubble showers at Times Square. One of my favorites was his idea to dress 80 people in blue golf shirts and khaki pants then send them into Best Buy to befuddle customers looking for help. Genius. THIS GUY is living out the youthful(and highly organized) prankster in all of us. Love it.

Make today silly and fun and creative. Tap into the inner kid in you and see what happens. You just might have some fun.

(shaking head) I had to put that perfect shot in there...KU-DOS to that girl. High-boots, white lacy boy shorts, and Booty. Uhhh...she wins.

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