Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 reasons I LOVE business trips! (his, not mine)

July is here. I love the beginning of a month. It always signifies the start of something. A fresh take, a clean palette. Today is the second day in a short week that signals summer in full swing everywhere. I have an extra twinkle in my eye because I had the house to myself last night. It may sound boring or like a daily event for some of you, but its rare..no PRECIOUS in my world.

I literally feel like a 13 year old left home-alone for the first time. I want to go and jump on the beds, and the couches and stuff my face with popcorn and cookie-dough, and call everyone I know, and cartwheel and spin until I'm dizzy and eat ice-cream from the pint while laughing at chic-flicks and drinking wine like a waterfall into my mouth...wow. Don't get me wrong. I love my family...but boy do I love ALONE TIME.

10 fantastic things about Business trips (his, not mine):

1. Lighting every girly candle in the house making it smell like a stifling cross of Crab tree and Evelyn and a rose petal bath tub.

2. Not eating dinner, because who cares? I'm not hungry.

3. Reading a book with the TV OFF! (Hell, reading a book is awesome enough)

4. Talking on the phone for up to 3 hours straight. Talking like a valley-girl and laughing out loud like a fourteen year old on Ritalin because no one can hear.

5. Getting out of bed in the morning and it looks nearly undone.

6. No snack wrappers to collect from the arm-chair side table, the office desk, the dinner table. No paper towels stuffed in a glass of milk that have to be pulled out, sopping and thrown in the trash. No dishes to move from the counter top (right by the sink) into the dish-washer....I know, I went too far. BUT ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE.

7. Watching a "cry-movie" like "Terms of Endearment", "Hope Floats", "Ya-Ya", "Waitress" or the best: "Out of Africa" for the tenth time.

8. Sleeping naked just to SPITE him and feel single again. (haaaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!)

9. The silence.

10. The revelry in knowing that "me"-time is invaluable, family is irreplaceably fulfilling and the tiny spaces between the two are the magic that makes the lack of one be appreciated for the other.

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dadshouse said...

Awesome post! As a single dad I get WAY too much alone time, but I truly enjoy your enthusiasm. I do the popcorn/wine thing, for sure. If a woman did cartwheels across my floor, I'd break out the cookie dough in a flash! Enjoy your alone time!!