Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Denmark: If you're happy and you know it....get some Hygge.

Mother, I ask that you brace for this. DENMARK is noted as the "Happiest" country AGAIN. (or its the same study). How is that possible?

They love Limberger and gravad laks on smørrebrød!? Its dark more days a year than it is light, and the one's I have known aren't really your glowing, cheery-types.

My guess:They have lower expectations. I think there is something to NOT chasing the elusive label of ecstatically pleased with yourself and over driven ambition.
Maybe the key IS an understated sense of general acceptance and quiet content with what is? I'd love to see the questions on the "said" survey.

Let's see. Awesome gleeful things about Denmark:

1. Pride and interest. People actually are involved in their country ( 90% vote in elections)

2. All children can read and write. Compulsary educatin is free.

3. "Hygge" is a key part of the Danish way of life; it means focusing on forgetting daily problems and enjoying the simple things in life.

4. They celebrate the pea.

5. Beer. Morning, noon and night. Seriously. Go see. All day. No 12 o'clock rule there.

6. Sexual anything and social tolerance....Probably the most UNPRUDE (outside of sweden) country I have ever seen. (same-sex marriage was legal in 1989)

7. Hello LEGO? There is a sign. They invented some plastic geometric shapes that simply "click" together. How is that for easy pleasey fun?

8. Um...they make BEAUTIFUL people: Helena Chistensen,Connie Nielson...

9. They can speak with mere breath (inhalation = yes)

10. Over 50% Taxes. If you can't get rich, why try?

I couldn't pass up the chance to laugh a little at it. Danes.....happiest....Who'd a thunk it?

Maybe we should all just look around. Take a deep breathe. Mentally list out the vast beauty of things we have: our health, simplicity of choice, the will of perception, love, wits, opportunity and the chance to live out yet another day.

When I think of it that way....."Jeg er en heldig kartoffel!"

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