Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brinkley Divorce Trial: A new low in world relevancy.

Okay. Let's dive in. I am so annoyed with this. Today show, The New York Post, CNN, Huffington Post...really? What is so interesting about this story? Are you really learning anything new here? Supermodel gives marriage a fourth "try" with good-looking playboy; sizzle turns into over-scheduled social calendar and over-indulgent lifestyle boredom. Man seeks validation from PYT's, porn, elastic bands and pig parts...who knows. WHO CARES!?

Do we not have more important news to digest? 62,000 jobs lost in June alone! Fires causing evacuations in California, World aids epidemic, Crude oil prices flying, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, or even some happy uplifting stories about the hostages rescued from, let's hear about a torrid miserable divorce. I hate to say it, but far worse and disgusting things happen, EVERY DAY in divorce courts.Even if you TRY to not feed into it (as I am now) it is everywhere!

I get it. It's nasty. $3k on porn is both stupid (its free) and reckless. An affair with anyone, let alone a minor is begging for trouble. He is gross. He is a man who made a lot of mistakes, and should pay for them on some level, and honestly, there is no doubt he will. But should the kids? Should we? Do all of us have to hear about the poor sad dissolution of marriage between two adults obnoxiously out of reality? I don't think so.

Were you shocked? This reminds me of Eliot Spitzer and his harlot. That sensationalized story pissed me off, but there is a small margin of acceptance because of his public office. We expect more I guess, like with Clinton. (smirk). I am the first to read the eye-catching trash magazines stories, but this feels a little too personal. A little too exploitative for the sake of what? Who wins?

I am a big believer in self-assessment, I have to ask: "What, at the end of the day, does Christie Brinkley gain from making this public?" It doesn't appear that there is a real concern for asset dispersion. She is going to get child-custody, that was in the bag. This is clearly about humiliation.

Everyone knows harboring anger is far harder than resolve and moving on. Vengeance never feels as good as the idea, nor does it provide closure. Most emotionally sound people realize that exposing your children to your contempt and fury changes the way they will behave both in relationships, and to the rest of the world. Mistrust, skepticism, vulnerability, victimization, rebellion...

I can guarantee you MILLIONS of men (and women) around the nation are cleaning out there password protected "special folders" and deleting cookies from their computer, cutting off ties with their online web-cam sights and deleting their profiles at "Monkeys, Horses and big girls".

Sigh. Is nothing sacred anymore? Just another beautiful story selling the singles of the world on the sanctity of marriage. HEEEESUS.

Oh, the human ego, the human heart, the human member...such a foible.


Marcus said...

Excellent points made.

This type of story makes headlines, and we feed into the sorridness, because it's already pre- "dumbed down", having no political ramifications, discussion of historical relevancy, or reporter angling for the salacious spin (It's all been done for us.) We just look, nod, and shake our head. Easy.

Plus, isn't it enough to be happy married to friggin' Christie Brinkley? 13 year old me would come back to the future and smack this guy upside his big moose head.

(I am intrigued as to what keyword groupings you type into Google Images to come up with your pictorial accompaniments. "Man computer scratching himself", maybe? Ha.)

Lulu said...

Marcus, are u assuming beauty is enough? Maybe she smells like stale cheese curds?or worse, is vengeful,bitter and transferring fear of aging on the ideal of the pitiful damsel in distress. Maybe she rocks and is full of genuine wit and any case being pretty aint enough. I should have taken a pic of you at your desk deleting cookies of woody Harrelson's bare arse!

Marcus said...

Who cares. I just like imagining 13 year old me 'n some fistacuffs.

Oh, and Christie Brinkley 25 years ago. And cookies. Maybe together.