Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mia Michaels morphs your mood: Katee and Josh dance to Adele.

Last night was a new moon and another episode of "So you think you can dance."Cat Deely wore a penguin tux-like suit dress and looked silly, but so it goes. Nigel wore a bankers shirt, with a striped pink tie....and was so yummy. I need clinical help to understand my attraction to him! All that aside. I started blogging it last night, then got bored.

...That was before Mia Michaels' routine performed by Josh and Katee. She picked Adele's "Hometown Glory" as the backdrop song. Honestly, I was in the worst mood. Watching this dance, changed that. She actually has the ability to shift the way you FEEL through choreography. That is insane to me. I honestly love her. Total girl crush. She is mean, and moody and dark and loving and capable of interpreting life and translating it into movement.

I know little about technical contemporary dance, but the chaos and fluidity. The musicality and tempo of it was stunning. The scissor kicks from Josh while Katee jumped, the stepping forward and back, the big moments and the "monumental stillness" as Mary described it, was the difference between entertainment, and being affected.

I just want to have a bottle of wine with Mia, hear how her crazy head works, see what she sees. Take a look. Dance fan or not...if this number doesn't give you chills or at the very least make you slow nod...then bugger off. You are an emotionally un-penetratable droid and thereby deemed alien to me.

Okay, that was harsh. But.....Mia makes you want to hug or punch or lick someone....she just does. You know it, she knows it.


OneCrazyMother said...

I feel you on this. I get tears in my eyes during dances she choreographs. She's amazing. Mia knows how to make art imitate life.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I've watched this something like 20 times now, and I'm still getting chills. And I'm usually one of the feelingless droids! The combo of the music, dance, and choreography just blows me away.

Anonymous said...

I know the people at my job will going to block site this if they ever realize how many times I've watched this. Lord knows my boyfriend wants to ban me from the computer at home. I'm TOTALLY obsessed with this routine and tear up each and every time. They are beautiful...all three of them; Mia, Katee and Joshua!