Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Crusader of the Year" and a harlot.

Upon reading and hearing about today's news of New York governor: Eliot Spitzer being involved in a prostitution ring, three questions came to mind immediately.

1.) What is a "prostitute ring"? I am not sure why, but I picture people standing in a circle like Eyes Wide Shut, or something involving a circus leader with a handle-bar mustache and elephants.

2.) Who is going to be the therapist for his three daughters? No doubt they will will now resent him, have trust issues, and then somehow, ironically, grow up attracted to men who cheat. Let's make it reality tv show!

3.) Is what the Today Show psychologist said about men with "high cheek bones, and protruding noses" true? She said that men with such characteristics tend to have more testosterone and be more aggressive. What does that really mean? Women should look for pudgy-faced small featured men? Can you actually say: "Honey, you have a big nose...I know you will nibble some nookie, so I'm installing this tracking device on you." Who comes up with this shite!?

I understand the mild outrage, I think its deplorable, but I am not at all shocked. Are you? Seriously? My husband has made an interesting argument for years. If he were going to cheat ( bare with me here) it would be with a hooker. Why? Because there is no fear that she will fall in love, or want more than sex, because he just doesn't have enough room in his life for more than "one crazy". No boiling rabbits, no love-letters, perhaps just some paid-for validation of his dominant sexuality. (ha)

I know, I know...it's terrible, how sexist and disgusting. But...I see the point. Does that make it ok? Absolutely not. I'm just always interested in how shocked people are that men want sex, and they don't necessarily want to deal with all the messy, stringy emotions that come with it.

In a hypothetical horrific world, let's assume 50% of men will cheat. Would it be better for them to fall in love with a mistress and emotionally attach, or boink a hooker? Maybe old school Venetians had it right with courtesans.

Get mad, get offended, but get real.

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