Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dan in real life on DVD today. 3.11.08

A few of my favorite things today are: Sunshine, waking up in a good mood, and knowing that Dan in Real life is out on video. A movie about a widower(Steve Carell) with three daughters and the complications of loss, loneliness and making the right human connections with a woman (Juliette Binoche) at the wrong time.

Not sure how the director, Peter Hedges managed to make you feel like you were being hugged by a warm blanket the entire movie, but he did. I am not saying it was the best acting I've ever seen, but it portrays the kind of family structure everyone dreams about when deciding to have one. They play games, they are honest with each other, they are supportive. They all fit into a beautiful beach front home in the east coast, and look good in fisherman sweaters.

It may be somewhat unrealistic, but it hits home. This is the only movie I can think of where there isn't any sunshine in the film, and I still feel fuzzy and lovey all over. The two performed songs in the movie were great ( to me). "Ruthie-Pig face" made me chuckle. It felt ab libbed and mockingly sweet. "Let my love open the door" was uplifting and heart braking for me. I am a sap.

Other movies out today are: No Country for Old Men, Bee Movie and Hitman
Dan Burns: "There's rightness in our wrongness."

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