Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday round up and Lulutingle send off.

Ahhhhhhh. It is the end of the week. Jesse Jackson is looking for that nifty "remove foot from mouth for discussing ball-snipping" contraption. (Out from GE soon). Christie Brinkley case is CLOSED. Ethan Hawke married his knocked-up ex nanny. Komfort and Thayne went home last night on SYTYCD. Us Airways is removing in-flight movies and replacing them with old haggard seat dances from the flight staff. The Apple 3G is out today. A Catholic priest "Father Pat" is dishing out tips on marriage profiling to women....there's the answer. If that doesn't work. I deem today CASUAL SEX FRIDAY. Get out there and be casual.

And....I am full of every single emotion possible to the human condition. I went on a random Google search for "positive quotes" and found this one. Every day presents a new possibility to make a choice. Perspective and presence are the two words I challenge you to ponder this weekend.

"Craving the comfort of desired events and outcomes, we ignore the uncomfortable but exhilarating gifts of living life as a continually unfolding process in which all moments are valuable." -Julia Cameron

When in doubt (and for whatever reason, I am in great doubt today) turn your energy into something more useful and giving to the world. So this Friday, I shine my light beam out to the world, to the ones I love, and the ones that I don't. I send a warm wave of concentrated tingle-bots to jump onto you and sizzle through your weekend, and make every fiber of your being stand on end with the electricty of being here now.

Here goes: I raise my weekend glass of half-full to you, shimy-shimy-cocoa pop, scissor shuffle, booty-spin-sway, MC-Hammer open leg bent-knee scoot 'cause its all 2L2Q, jumping jack-air hug.Barefoot dance and sand-kick bounce-bop into the sunshine. Kiss blow!

Get out there and dance happy for no reason, love willingly in the moment, and be brave with positivity.

You have been lulutingled.

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