Thursday, July 10, 2008

Joshua and Katee dance Bollywood: SYTYCD!

Another night, a hair cut for Nigel, and a dressed-down Cat. Mia Michaels was on the judging panel and was in good spirits. Nigel seemed a little frisky, and Mary was endearingly embarrassing as always.

I would be reminisced if I did not share the latest knock-out dance from Joshua and Katee doing a Bollywood-eque dance incorporating hip hop and African dance. I cringed a bit at first, in fear of how it would play out. They nailed it, with knee-spins and "light-bulb changing shoulder pumps".

Take a look:

Just watching it again this morning makes me want bop around smiling with an over animated face and compulsive eyelash batting.

Oh Shiva Shiva. Om Shanti Om.

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