Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy hump day? why NOT!?

So..let's see. Iran shot of 9 missles. Matthew McConaughey had a son. Crude oil dropped 8 dollars in 2 days. (nice) Everyone and their lovers are breaking up...Madonna, A-rod, Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss...I think we need to collectively have a hand holding, group hug.

I can't tell where the flood of relationship news is coming from? Is it out insatiable need to hear about the love-carnage that feeds the demand? Is the onset of online sites, blogospheres, and cable television just allowing for more media space to throw the love lives of others out to us? I can't tell. I do know...its not looking good for old-mother marriage.

I wont preach about the beauty and safety and compromise and challenges of marriage. Maybe some other time when you feel like taking a nap. But for now, I want to send a ripple of hope for love and relationships into the ether. There IS something incredibly intoxicating about falling in love or lust or friendship. There is something profoundly exhilarating in finding someone you WANT to learn about, and consume like a blue-Ice Slurpee. Fast and furiously, even if the speed of it all causes a dizzying numbness of sensation and clouds your decisions.

If we are realistic, we know that fades. We expect it to. (hopefully) and it turns to the sustainable calm of knowing that person you learned. Maybe you play silly games in front of the TV like screaming numerical scores of "awkwardness" during The Bachelorette finale? Maybe you sing dirty-sex songs to childrens tunes because nothing you say can shock that person anymore? You realize that you are not alone. You have some one to pick on, and pick up.

Nothing worth having is easy, no one worth loving is perfect and all that we strive for is to find a place within ourselves to feel free and connected with equanimity. Let go of the lists you hold. Let the guards you keep up, fall. Love fails. Marriage is a leap of faith that can turn into a big fat decent into boredom and struggle, but nothing is gained if you don't try, or give, or prepare that you might get taken. You might find, that loving yourself is compounded when you share that feeling with someone.

Take a deep breath. Look around. Be open. Hold your heart with kind hands knowing right now (suspense sucks) that you have a 50% chance of F8cking it all up no matter how hard you try.

The moral here is....never try.

..just kidding. (wow this post is polar)



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Lulu- You constantly amaze me with your insight and emotionally tinged and tingled verse. Much love from the 8.5 mos pregnant and hormonal lady of the northeast