Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shower the people you love...

You know those days you wake up and the birds feel like they are chirping and singing for you? The sky is penetrating warmth and blue brightness in a direct line to your heart? No reason, just the way it is...Today is one of those, and like everything. I share it.

10 things to be happy about today:
1. Deciding that what the little metal machine (scale) says CANNOT and DOES NOT have a say in how you feel about yourself. That is for YOU to decide. Decide to feel great today.

2. Learning something little about someone you love that you never knew.

3. Adirondack chairs.

4. Those small moments in between big and busy holiday weekends when the world stills for a nano-second for you to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty in connectivity... with friends, family, and the outdoors.

5. Sparklers and the smell of docked boats and diesel.

6. Van Morrison or Al Green coming through a speaker....and that involuntary need to grab someone and dance.

7. brownies.

8. The soft tingle of the sun on your face.

9. Sam Adams summer ale.

10. Laughing. Loving. Letting go. Letting it be. Even if only for a long weekend.

Get out there, where ever you are and savor the last day of this long weekend.

Be "in it" and let it carry you through on the ether of relaxation, good times, and good summer.
Happy Sunday!

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dadshouse said...

I love that still moment at the end of a long weekend! For me, it's when you think "tomorrow is Monday and work", but then you realize the weekend doesn't have to be over just yet. Summer is the best.