Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 reasons to smile on a funny, sunny hump day.

I've said it before, I will say it again. August is a slow and lazy month. We are weeks away from school starting, people are throwing their last hooray of vacations at the imminent start to September, stores have converted to Fall fashion, and I am calm, easy and grateful. So here goes:

1. Panda-porn. No joke! One of the prime time Olympic sidestories last night featured a male Panda named "Lulu" eating Viagra biscuits (not really) and watching Panda porn on a TV to help get him in the mood for mating.

2. Waking up with an empty mind, and an open and lifted heart for no valid reason, and then choosing NOT to question it, but instead, to roll with it and shoot the likes of the mood out to ye friends and lovers.
3. The freedom to massacure the rules of commas and run-on sentences.

4. Having a dirty, vivid day-dream of dirty vivid sexy things before 7 am. Even better: physical reactions to the above that leave you flushed, wound-up and a little zippy for the day.

5. Having a double-entendre war with a friend over what Bill Clinton would have said/done (full impersonations necessary) if he got a chance to slap an Olympic volleyball players bum bum like Bush did.

6. The sound of water flapping on a dock mixed with the smell of charcoal, bug spray and sound of classic rock. (NOT referring to Kid Rock's latest video...more like a scene from the early Jaws movies pre-shark attack)

7. Finding illegitimate excuses to wear your strappy summer sandals because they look sexy and the season is coming to a close.

8. The return of Football. (which only means Hockey season is closer, if I'm being honest)

9. Hitting EVERY green light whilst a great song is playing in the car ( like Justin Nozuka's "After Tonight")...the feeling of good fortune and luck ensues and sets the tone for the rest of your day/night.

10. A good dinner with a good friend that reminds you that the only thing that matters in this squirrely, hairy life is the relationships that we work at, learn from and share with people we care about.

Tip-toe-heel raise, hip sway, bum-slap, high-kick, salsa circle, roger-rabbit, hokey-pokey twist, booby-grab, kiss blow, STOMP! ....Once again, you have been Lulu pixie tingled.

Now get out there and brighten some one's day. Pinch a butt, smile at a stranger and if nothing else, SMILE AT YOURSELF. It's contagious.


dadshouse said...

Lulu - this is the weirdest synchronicity ever! You have humping pandas on your blog today, and I have a low hung zebra strutting his stuff. Must be some weird zingy sexual energy in the air. All the way from your place to mine!

Marcus said...

Clinton at the Woman's Fencing would be almost be better.

(in true Clinton Southern exaggeration):

"I wouldn't mind a little swordfight myself with those ladies. Stick and move...stick and move."