Friday, August 15, 2008

John Mayer AND Bill Murray are free fallin' !

I haven't gone to bed before 12:00am (CST) in over five nights. It feels awfully like the constant haze fog of sleepless nights with a newborn. I dream of swimmers bodies, and releve turns on the beam. For the record: Bella smacked my bum in the 80's after an aereal dismount from the beam. (He visited the M-Gym in Houston)....who cares. I DO care, however, that my old lover Bill Murray (who has aged 10 years since his recent divorce, eeekkkkk) will be jumping out of a plane today on North Avenue beach for the 50th Air and Water Show. I love you Murmur. You know no one can hold a candle to your Vietnamese triple ripple tongue play. I miss you!

So.... It's Friday. I'm getting more concerned about Gerogia and Russia. So should you. Phelps is actually so amazingly incredible that its not really fun to watch anymore. It just reinforces the rule of too much of anything loses its luster. So do less, screw up here and there to generate some doubt, then kill it. Or not...whatever.

I want a gymnasti The stock market is rather boring lately, several state officials are considering 4-day work weeks, just in time for the entitled recent grads to abuse it and leave the rest of us trying to sell our proven abilities of over-productivity in less time. Sasquatch was found in northern Georgia (US)? That was insane! Ellen D is getting married to her hot girlfriend Portia this weekend, and hush your face People Magazine....JEN and JOHN are NOT broken up..... are they?!

In absolute hope and willing for the love of happy people; I share this. John Mayer's beautiful rendition of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin" from his new live album: "Where the light is". It is so love-beaming and sweetly apathetic that I dare you to TRY to stay in, have, or spread a bad mood after hearing it....

He is a "bad boy". Most are. Most don't even miss us. But some do. I have no shame in missing all kinds of wonderful people. You shouldn't either. Love big. Live now and enjoy the weekend for the little moments that lead to the big memories.

Take notice of those you haven't lately and listen to your heart.(remember THAT song?! Ha.) Give it wings today and fly with what comes. Maybe it is the gentle quiet and hum of the crickets, or the sound of children laughing. Perhaps you sink deeper into the love of a woman's soft voice or the smell of her hair, or you spend a long night with a good friend telling good stories.

Live it. Love it and be kind.

Happy Friday.

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