Friday, August 15, 2008

Jon Hamm in Best Life Magazine. Move over Brad Pitt.

Here here to Missouri boys! You all know I had a crush on Don Draper, AMC's Mad Men superstar. The thing is; he is a character. Dark, calm, tortured, full of secrets and unpredictable whims of his weaknesses(women), surprisingly fair and HOT = Lulu Dreamboat.

I wasn't expecting the real man behind the character to be so damn complex, intriguing and down right affable. Thanks to Joel Stein's self-deprecating and perfectly crafted descriptions of a day spent together, we now get a glimpse into this manly man anti-stereotype. Best Life's John Mather and Joel Stein put together the best friggen snapshot of Jon Hamm. I know they write for men, but this article evokes all kinds of terrible, horrible adulterated wants from a self-respecting mother and wife.

Let's be honest just looking into Jon's deep-set cold green eyes can send a shiver down the spine of the most heterosexual man. His seemingly constant furrowed brow and stubble? That nose makes you take him seriously, and all that hair? Well...I applaud you, Jennifer Westfieldt; you are my new female hero for today, so far. Out of respect for you, Jen, I won't even dive into my minds imagination of what lies beneath those grey three-piece suits. I will stay with my crush on Don, instead of Jon. But can he swim the backstroke? (I digress).

All those genetic gifts and completely superficial attributes are swell. But seriously, I don't really care about looks...C'mon, Bill Murray, not-so-hot vulture financiers, Nigel Lithegow...enough said. What makes Jon Hamm so sexy is his disinterest in trying to be so. He just IS sporty, approachable, confident, aware of others, no stranger to tragic loss, and somehow completely flying below the bullshit radar of those men that are trying too hard...way too hard. You know who you are!

One of the funniest lines in the article was when Stein found out Jon wanted to meet at a golf range. He writes: "The driving range? Is the bull-fighting stadium closed for the day?" As there meeting progresses you can feel the humanity in Jon. He appears to be the kind of man who listens to your story without you telling it. He seems like he would be conscious of your presence beyond what it means to his career or ego.

Far more interesting than his real-guy demeanor debunking the ideal he portrays; is the fact that he plays Don Draper so well by acknowledging how hard that time period was for men, yet somehow keeping the character plausibly a good guy (who does bad things). Up until I started watching Mad Men, I had assumed those were the glory days. Men ruled the world, and everyone was Clever-happy. Jon is quoted in the article saying:

"They were full of shit. They didn't know what they were doing. It makes you look at what that definition of 'being a man' really means and is there a happy medium? Instead of subscribing to this definition of a man or dude or guy, do what you want to do, buy a fucking yellow Mini Cooper. Get over it. It's a fucking fun car to drive. You can do all the other man stuff and be unsatisfied."

Not only does he soothe the Mini-cooper driving dude that was interviewing him, he makes multiple statements about acceptance, self-actualization and non-judgement with two f-bombs and a disarming tone of realism in less than five sentences. I WANT HIM.

Go pick up a copy of the magazine or check out the article when it is posted on BEST LIFE'S WEBSITE.

...and thank you dearly, Joel Stein and John Mather. The rest of August and September will be richer, warmer and steamier now that you have made me laugh and lust after Jon Hamm.

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